What Is Slacklining?

Slacklining is a new sport that involves a lot of balance to walk on a line. This sport is like walking on a tight rope, but the rope that people use is different. There is a lot of information that people can read about on how to start in this sport.

When people want to look for something fun to do, and to get a good workout doing it, this sport will do both. This sport has a nylon line that is about one inch thick, that consists of a nylon webbing material. This material stretches out when pressure is applied to it. When people walk on the line, it will stretch out, giving the line slack.

People who want to create their own rope can do so, but they need to have a type of webbing material, as well as carabiners. They need two objects that the rope can tie to. People often use a ratchet system, or a winch to secure the line.

If people do not want to make their own line and tension system, there are places that people can buy the gear to start out. They will have a variety of options to choose from in lines, and tension systems. People often hook the lines up between trees, and sometimes between vehicles.

People who are just starting out will find that not everyone has good balance. Individuals may walk a twenty foot line in several hours. Some other people may have good balance and concentration, and they can walk the line the first time they step on it.

This is an all-body sport. It requires all the muscles to keep the person balanced on the one inch line, and it requires a lot of concentration, so they will not fall off. Individuals that are starting out on the line should have a couple of spotters on the ground to make sure the walker is okay if they fall off the line.

The advanced line walkers usually do tricks on the line. People starting out will need to concentrate on not falling off. The line is not high in the air, like a tight rope. Instead, it is only a few feet off the ground. This reduces the risk of people seriously injuring themselves. There are some colleges and universities that are trying out this new sport on their campuses for the students. This will give them a fun thing to do in between studying for exams.

When people want to know what it is to be slacklining, they will know that it involves a nylon rope that is created out of webbing, that people walk on. The term slack, in the name slackline, means that when the person is walking on the rope, that the webbing stretches out, which give the line slack. The sport involves a lot of concentration and balance, to successfully walk the line. The people who initially started this sport were bored camping, so they tied lines around trees to walk on.