The Practice Of Slacklining

Slacklining isn’t something you hear very much about these days, because people see it more as tightrope walking. It is when one walks across a strap usually one inch across, anchored down between two points. Some do it with the strap close to the ground, some do it a couple feet higher, like circus performers. Slacklining, is the cousin of tightrope walking and is an unusual hobby for many.

The tightness of the strap can be adjusted by the person using it. The line is flat to keep the person’s feet from slipping around when they walk. Even though the line is adjusted to the person’s liking, it is still bouncy like a trampoline. The flatness of it makes it easy for the walker to perform tricks and stunts to amuse others.

Trees are used the most as anchors for the sport. Trees with a large trunk are best to use for tying lines. There are methods used to protect the bark and the trunk of the tree as well when this is done.

There are different styles of slacklining as well. One of them is called Tricklining. The line is set close to the ground, making it easier to perform. Different types of tricks are performed on the line, like walking backwards, bounce walking, and moonwalking. Then there are the more extreme tricks, like sitting on the line and throwing frisbees back and forth, and Buddha sit, and lying down.

Waterlining is another interesting variation. This is simply slacklining over water. It is a good way to learn new tricks, or it can just be done for fun. Waterlining can be done over any body of water, or even abandoned railroad tracks.

Highlining is done at a higher distance over the ground or over water. It is common practice to pad all of the rigging on the anchors used when highlining. A lot of people who do this sport consider highlining one of the best types of slacklining.

Yoga slacklining is where one can do different types of yoga poses on the line. These kinds of tricks are a lot more challenging and require balance and strong core work on the walker’s part. It is not one of the more common tricks but there are people who still perform it.

Urbanlining combines all the different styles of the sport. This is done in more urban areas, hence the name. Most people who urbanline prefer a 2 inch wide line so they can do it over streets. Others prefer a 1 inch line for waterlining on beaches.

The sport began in the 80’s and has now expanded worldwide. Men and women alike do it, and sometimes challenge one another. This is a sport that takes practice and patience but once that is mastered, anybody could do it. Anybody can find people doing this in places like parks, and creeks. They can watch for amusement or even try it themselves.