Day Activities For Outdoor Enthusiasts

Love to be outdoors, but feeling trapped by the rain? Don’t fret: there are a plethora of activities one can do in spite of the wet weather. Read on for a few ideas.


Also known as table soccer or table football, foosball offers great fun for 2 to 4 players. Passing the mini-ball around makes for great time to catch up with friends and family.

If more than 4 people want to play, create a championship tournament with players competing against each other one-on-one. Winning players are paired off until only two remain for the final foosball championship face-off.

Rainy Day Walks or Hikes

Rain transforms the world outside, so rainy day walks or hikes are an experience to be savored. Take the stance of many devoted runners, who are fond of saying that there is no bad running weather, only poorly prepared runners. Get yourself a waterproof outfit and venture out. Let wet-weather birdcalls enchant you, and allow fresh, clean smells to energize you. If a trail has a thick canopy of trees overhead, the rain sometimes seems like a mist. Once you return home, take a warm shower and savor a bowl of thick stew.

Travel Somewhere New

What is your ultimate travel dream? Blustery, dreary days are perfect for learning more about your dream spot via book, video, or Internet. Check out your local library’s travel resources, which may include informational DVDs and audio books. Every country in the world has a website. Dream of Dubai? Visit their official tourist page. Craving Costa Rican beaches? Take a mini-visit on the World Wide Web.


Slacklining is a balance sport that is gaining popularity in the United States. This variation on tightrope walking can be done indoors or outside. As its name implies, the major difference between slacklining and tightrope walking is that in slacklining, the rope is not tight.

To slackline, attach a nylon rope between two sturdy points. The height of the rope is your preference; it can be inches or a couple of feet off the ground. The line may also be adjusted to be more or less taught.

Typically, the nylon rope is anchored between two trees outside. However, people who practice this sport indoors often anchor their rope to columns in a room instead.

Indoor Rock Climbing

Climbing indoor rock walls is a safe way to practice an extreme sport. Not only are there physical benefits to rock climbing, but also emotional ones, as participants often feel a rush of accomplishment and confidence when they finish climbs. Rock climbing also benefits a climber’s brain, as they have to figure out what move to make next, and how to maintain their grip as they ascend.

Most rock climbing gyms offer climbing routes for all levels of climbers. The great thing about this sport is that anyone can try it, regardless of her or his upper body strength. As you practice climbing, you will tone your entire upper body without the monotony of lifting weights.

As you can see, with a little thought and imagination, there are plenty of rainy day activities for outdoor enthusiasts. If all else fails, spend gray days planning your next big outdoor adventure. You’ll appreciate your extra preparation once the weather clears and you’re out on the trail again.